At the age of 46, I have to look back at an incredible journey in the dairy industry. Very much like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. Being thrown into the deep side going uphill not knowing what to expect. Stressful at times and a few screams on the downhill and loops. However the second time round you begin to relax and take in the view and even to notice the crowd on the side cheering you on...finally allowing yourself to enjoy what you are doing. This is me, the one with his hands in the air and the grin on his face..lets go again.!

16 Years in the dairy industry brought me to the doorstep of Stonehouse, the challenge I always longed for. Using my craft to make dairy products that I always wished to do. Started in KZN at a goats farm making hand crafted cheese. Milking goats in the early hours of the morning and doing three types of dairy products in a day. Moving to the Overberg region to continue with semi hard and hard cheese every time working with more liters per batch. The next step running a factory on a wine estate in the northern suburbs of Cape Town making a renowned cheddar and pecorino. Later on working at a factory making white mold cheese in the Cape winelands district for a couple of years and months. Each time as a family we had to uproot and move to a new challenge to further my career and experience.

Some of the training received was in house and small courses at different institutions and even overseas from the masters of the dairy industry. Consuming books and information wherever i went not to mention obtaining knowledge by simply watching others at work. Now a combination of years of experience and learning through trial and error brought me to Stonehouse. This is the moment I have been waiting for a factory designed for making craft cheese and unique cheese varieties.

This would not be work for how could you describe creating products but a passion from the heart. I have worked in 6 factories. Started as a general worker and then assistant cheese maker to becoming a manager running a factory. Worked with a 100 liters of milk for production to 10 000 liters for production. Step by step to this opportunity at Stonehouse. The Stonehouse cheese varieties will range from semi soft cheese to the hard cheese category. Looking forward to see each growth vase of this new venture unfolding as time goes by.

Come visit and experience cheese making , you are invited to look through our windows situated in the shop area. You will be able to see us at work while enjoying a cheese platter and some refreshments.

Passion gives life to a product of value.